What on earth is this VIP thing I keep hearing about?

The VIP membership is like your standard subscription wherever you set it up (Patreon, Twitch, etc) but I put a little VIP entrance into all of my projects. If you’ve got the right membership you’ll have access to most of the stuff I’ve made, for just the one price.


On the sites I make under my own name (i.e. not those developed for a client specifically) I add a /vip route. Try it. https://that-website/vip/

This route will ping you through The System™ and will determine which level of access to give you.

Once it’s calculated your level it’ll send you back to the site all nice and freshly authorized, unlocking the appropriate functionality as if you’d paid up like a normal plebian.


Why not? This isn’t my day job, so I’m doing all of this for fun. Yeah, this is fun for me. Hah.

How (much)?

Bronze tier membership is $4.99/mo

Silver is $9.99/mo

Gold is $24.99/mo.

The membership level required for a site may adjust based on how much it costs to perform whatever it does. For example a site that dynamically made videos or something would probably be a minimum of a silver tier membership due to the compute costs.



For future me’s lawyer.

Legal disclaimer: If I ever sell off a site that’s got the VIP backdoor I make no guarantee that it will remain in place with the new ownership. Your account will be preserved and recoverable, but you may need to begin paying the normal subscription from that point onwards.

The VIP entrance is for the life of the website while it’s legally controlled in majority by me. I will give you a minimum of three months notice if the site has been sold or if any other changes are made to the VIP system.