Project 1: Twitch Plays WYLTR

The first profit share project is a game that is playable from Twitch chat.

Would You Like to Restart is originally a podcast by me and my mate Fox. Twitch Plays WYLTR is a.. well it’s a Twitch plays version of it, but that doesn’t help if you dunno what the podcast is.

Essentially it’s like old text adventure games. In the podcast form I’m the parser and Fox plays the game. In the Twitch plays version the computer is the computer and the player is chat voting on what to do next. Also in the Twitch version we’ll make it a bit more visually appealing than plain text.


The main reason this one’s up first is that it:

  • Is in part a visual project rather than all boring code
  • Is relevant to Twitch, a nice first impression
  • Has a variety of things, including non-technical things, to be done. Very inclusive.
  • Will be cheap to run, meaning our first profit share project could potentially see profit relatively quickly

Bonus: When it’s in a working state it’s pretty passive. We shouldn’t need to come back to it too often if we get stuck in on another project.


For this to be a success we’ll need a few components.

  • The game engine bit
  • The bot that sits in Twitch chat grabbing commands
  • The part where we stream the game to Twitch
  • The documentation so people don’t get stuck
  • A plan for all of this to come together

Game Engine

Not quite the same meaning as you might expect when you hear the term game engine, in our case it’ll be a webapp that outputs the game state over standard HTTPS. This means that when we’re ready we can set up an OBS instance that just has a browser source and not have to do any fun interaction with OBS to make things work.


If the game’s to be played from chat it’ll need some way to receive the commands. That’s where the bot comes in.

The bot handles just the to and from of chat. It passes (note to self: authenticated) commands to the game engine.

OBS or something

Not sure how to do this yet, maybe it’s possible to use ffmpeg in some way to stream a webpage to Twitch. This’ll need looking into further.


Everyone’s favorite part, telling other people how to use it


It’d be a bit of a bastard if the Twitch Plays section was just full of the same game on 200 different channels so the licensing will be as follows (for now at least)

GNU Affero v3

This license means that you’re free to use the code yourself but if you start using it and make any changes you must make your source code available. If you make yours better we get to make ours better too.


The go-to open license. This one will be for the documentation. Nothing interesting really.

All rights reserved

This is where we make ourselves unique. The games will have their copyrights reserved. While I’d love to just throw them out there too, you just know a bunch of lazy bastards would pop out of the woodwork thinking they can make a quick buck off our work without putting in any of the legwork.

The code for at least one game will be available so that everyone can see how the game files are structured but I’ll DMCA anyone using them for anything other than testing so damn fast you wont even believe. (I probably wont really unless someone’s proper taking the piss, be cool hypothetical person)


I’ll start streaming the progress of this soon, just need to make sure something basic is in place to track profit share contribution tokens for later use.


Streams at code tbc

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