What is a thud?

It’s a loud sudden noise, hyuk hyuk.

But no seriously Thud is a livestreaming website I’m working on with my bud Fox. Why make a livestreaming service when others exist? Well the absolute first reason is because we want to see if we can! Aside from that we want to make something that’s a bit better, a bit more ‘modern’ than what’s out there currently.

Right now you see things like transcoding limited to the bees-knees of streamers. Great and all as you then only need the processing power for the topmost streamers but in all honesty is it the streamer who cares? It should be all about the viewer. Every streamer matters to us but additionally every viewer matters too! Why should John Joe keep buffering out every few minutes because they’re stuck on mobile data? Because they decided to watch a less popular streamer? That’s silly!

I’ll probs update this bad boy with more features as and when, likely in their own posts as things progress or fail but for now the best place for updates is over on Thud itself, the horses mouth if you will