Things I Didn't Regret Buying

Single, no kids, no pets? You bet I’m on the Amazon. Here’s a few things I’ve not regretted purchasing.

Just a heads up I’m not using any affilate codes for this post. It’d come off as if I was writing the post for the links instead of vice versa. Click freely!

Air Conditioner

Summer’s here and everything’s gonna get sweaty. I beg of you, if you can afford a bit more on your electric bill, consider an air conditioner. This one’s mainly aimed at my UK friends here where we don’t have aircon built into the house. I have never regretted the air conditioner and indeed if it broke I’d have another one ordered the second I could afford it.

The one in particular I got is a Pro Breeze 4-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner 9000 BTU with Remote Control but it looks like that’s unavailable at the time of writing. The main stat you’re after is that 9000 BTU. Mine can get a single room down to 16 degrees C in about half an hour to an hour depending on what temp it started at. I forgot to turn it off one night and can attest it can get the entire house down to 18C overnight. I’ve not seen the electric bill yet though so bare with on whether it was worth it!

Now something I have to mention. To get the best out of an air conditioner the room you’re trying to condition should be sealed shut. As best as you can. Don’t leave another window open thinking you’re helping out. Eventually it’ll get to a point where you’re trying to cool down the outside world. Close doors, close windows. Seal off anything you don’t want to cool.

A Roomba

This one I know that this is a budget buster for many, I’m sorry. I will get to the more affordable stuff later in the post! If you can afford to though, get yourself a robot vac. It doesn’t have to be Roomba/iRobot branded but please do research on the brand you pick if you go for an alternative. I can’t vouch for non-iRobot vacs cause I’ve only the one of theirs.

It’s not going to make your house spotless. Get that right out of your mind. What it does do though is keep on top of things. It gets rid of the layer of dust and other guff that builds up on your floor day to day. Means when you throw the vac round you only need to get the places the robot couldn’t get to. Oh and stairs, they’ve not got a stair climbing one yet.

In particular my recommend is the iRobot i7156 Roomba i7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, but do check out cheaper versions. Again do your research if you’re going off-brand.

A dishwasher

Back when I wasn’t a spinster the second most argued about thing after money (lol you should see the things not on this list, fuck sake I’m an idiot) was the housework.

Anywhere you can replace a chore with a robot, do it. You don’t wash your clothes by hand anymore do you? Oh you do because you’re being snarky? Get a washing machine too then!

Sofa and chair covers

40 quid. No regret. Effective cost: Negative hundreds. You massively profit if you need these.

I tried it on a whim when my sofa started looking a bit worse for wear. I was hyping myself up to getting a fresh new corner sofa and everything.

Sofa cover

A good chair

This one’s for the home workers I think. Don’t cheap out on the chair you’re using to work. Infact don’t cheap out on anything that keeps you off the floor.

Yes that Herman Miller or the Ergohuman looks expensive. Because it is. But you know what’s more expensive? Your spine falling off.

Do absolutely look for these on the second hand market, especially from company liquidation sales. Alternatively Ikea has the Markus which I’ve heard great things about on the low-end.

A mattress

I succumbed to the adverts. I got a Casper. I can’t speak to the other brands but I’ve heard good things about most of the boil in a bag mattress companies.

I got their bog standard mattress, the memory foam one. If I could do-over I’d go with the hybrid with springs. Every now and then I’ll plop myself too heavily on the bed and I’ll get a reminder there’s a metal frame under the mattress. That aside I love the thing. As much as a man can love his mattress, anyway. Comfy as you like, without being too soft.

I would not recommend getting the Casper pillows. That was an extra splurge that didn’t need doing.

They’re pretty naff too as pillows go. Always go sort of hard no matter how much you fluff them up. I regret not sending the pillows back before the 100 days money back thing.

A good pair of shoes

Now I’m that sort of loser that just wears boots everywhere, especially after the hip op that requires me having a shoe insert to un-wonk myself. However, my mate fox got married last year and for the wedding I got a new pair of non-boot shoes.

Nice and snug and dammit they’re mine. Also they’re not heavy as fuck so it feels like I’m walking on air.

A good notepad.

No not that 2 quid one from Tesco, a good one. My 10/10 recommendation is the Panobook, from Studio Neat. I can’t describe it better than they have so please check it out if you make lots of notes or design anything like websites.

They’re a bit on the pricy side, but if you can justify them as making you money if you use them for work/side projects you’re onto a winner with the Panobook.

Automation and productivity tools

Obligatory one for the nerds. Pay for Zapier. When you go multi-step you don’t go back. Just do it.

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