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The Year of Less

I started the year off with The Year of More and instead slimmed down my life to the point where I’m ditching like 80% of it.

Lies, and Not Telling Them

I acted like a guy off the telly one time and it really stuck with me.

Pay Attention

You ever take a moment to just experience your body?

Voice of God

Alright? So, just wanted to pop in and tell you what’s been going on.

How to delete Facebook

The 6 steps to deleting Facebook with a zenlike grace and no fear of the unknown.


I was going to do a podcast about the story behind big companies. Here’s my notes on Nintendo.

Finally Shot of Facebook.. sort of

I did the thing where you disable your account. Also I blocked my access.

Things I Didn't Regret Buying

Single, no kids, no pets? You bet I’m on the Amazon. Here’s a few things I’ve not regretted purchasing.

That one time I took a fall at work

A post from 2015 I never finished writing. It was from when I broke my hip.

Valentines Day in High School

I wanted to kill myself in high school. No not just the once, God no, but this one Valentines Day comes to mind.