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The Year of Less

I started the year off with The Year of More and instead slimmed down my life to the point where I’m ditching like 80% of it.

How to delete Facebook

The 6 steps to deleting Facebook with a zenlike grace and no fear of the unknown.


I was going to do a podcast about the story behind big companies. Here’s my notes on Nintendo.

Finally Shot of Facebook.. sort of

I did the thing where you disable your account. Also I blocked my access.

Valentines Day in High School

I wanted to kill myself in high school. No not just the once, God no, but this one Valentines Day comes to mind.

Life is Good

Yes, bad things happen and that does suck. The price of getting older. But upon reflection, man - I’m not doing too bad.

It never rains but it pours

Taking some time off from the side tinkering. What’s the scoop? My Dad died, the dog died, and my fiancee left me. You gotta take some ‘me’ time after a trifecta like that, you just gotta.

I went on a plane

Dear internet, I went on a plane this week for the first time in my 31 years of life.

Do more, do different

Your brain is far too efficient for a boring old life loop

Why is a slug called a slug?

No, not the gooey creature. The thing like what’s attached to the URL of this post