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Lies, and Not Telling Them

I acted like a guy off the telly one time and it really stuck with me.

Pay Attention

You ever take a moment to just experience your body?

Voice of God

Alright? So, just wanted to pop in and tell you what’s been going on.

How to delete Facebook

The 6 steps to deleting Facebook with a zenlike grace and no fear of the unknown.


I was going to do a podcast about the story behind big companies. Here’s my notes on Nintendo.

Finally Shot of Facebook.. sort of

I did the thing where you disable your account. Also I blocked my access.

Things I Didn't Regret Buying

Single, no kids, no pets? You bet I’m on the Amazon. Here’s a few things I’ve not regretted purchasing.

That one time I took a fall at work

A post from 2015 I never finished writing. It was from when I broke my hip.

Valentines Day in High School

I wanted to kill myself in high school. No not just the once, God no, but this one Valentines Day comes to mind.

Life is Good

Yes, bad things happen and that does suck. The price of getting older. But upon reflection, man - I’m not doing too bad.