Like most of the posts on this site something’s been bugging me for almost years at this point (ok, a year.. probably less) and it’s finally pushed me over the edge to try to fix it. – My screen keeps going black, seemingly randomly whenever it decides it wants a breather. Let me preface I’ve got an NVIDIA GPU of some sort for the gaming and whatnot. It uses the NVIDIA GeForce control panel to sort its inner workings. If you’ve not got that you might be able to play along here but also you might be out of luck. Let me know in the comments if this helps either way.

The quick summary is up there in the title. Whenever a video plays my screen goes black for a moment and comes back a second later and plays the video as normal. Now this hasn’t really been enough to give me that pure nerd rage that results in fixes until the likes of Facebook and Twitter started playing videos automatically as you scroll about 20 times a day trying to find something interesting to look at.

So of course every few pages worth of scrolls (and increasing) my screen would flicker black and then when I’d gone past the video it would flick black again. Repeat like 300 times as I scroll through Facebook far too frequently.

Anyway as it turns out it’s really easy to fix. The problem comes in when your computer decides “oh snap, I’d like to run this through the hardware rather than work this out using my CPU” (or something along that line) so all you really need to do is tell it not to do that anymore.

Open up the NVIDIA control panel

NVIDIA icon in the tray

Flick on over to the menu “Adjust desktop colour settings”

NVIDIA Control Panel

Change this setting here from whatever it is now (Probably “Auto-select (recommended)” if you’re having this problem) – change it to “Desktop programs”

NVIDIA Control Panel

Hit the old Apply button that’s now appeared in the bottom right corner. Boom, issue resolved.