Ok this has been bugging me. I recently got a notification from Facebook saying I had been blocked from creating Open Graph things for a day. Honestly couldn’t think of any reason as to why. As for you folks out there that just want to get to the part where I tell you how to remove all apps from Facebook in one go just jump down underneath the images it’s there under its own heading. I do apologise for waffling it’s just that without typing a bunch of stuff Google doesn’t care about your content so you never get listed anywhere on its search engine. Hence this story. Such is life.

Anyway check this out.


Just out of the blue I get this notification. No explanation of what it’s on about or what’s caused it or what an Open Graph action is even.

You’re temporarily restricted from creating Open Graph actions until tomorrow at 15:54

Oh great yeah cheers Facebook. Few questions.. What’s an Open Graph, why am I blocked from using it. Why do I care? What’s caused this? Nothing. No information at all. Even that link “Learn more” didn’t really say anything. It just explained that I basically couldn’t send any links or whatnot. It goes on further than this.


See now I have a virus! What? On my iPhone?? Nah. It says this on all devices. You wouldn’t believe the embarrassment I’d have if I managed to get myself a virus. That’s just not the kind of guy I am. It’s not me. In any case I’ve scanned the buggery out of every computer I access Facebook from. I also managed to disable all apps on Facebook in one go – Which is the point of this post so I’ll get on with it.

Disable and remove all apps on Facebook in one go

I’m sure if you’re like me you’ve Googled every combination of how to disable all apps on Facebook – I found nothing of use at all. There’s a bunch of old outdated information but they don’t work anymore or worse, they tell you to click the “x” on each app until they’re gone. Nah. I had like 320 apps that’s not even an option I’m willing to explore.

Long story short. Go into your settings (That’s the top right, that dropdown icon)


In the menu that opens you’ll find “Settings”. Give that a click. Now you’re after “Apps” on the left hand sidebar


Give ‘im a click. Now you’re looking for the “Apps, Websites and Plug-ins” box. Click the Edit button in there.


Now you should have this screen. The “Game Invites and App Notifications” modal dialogue that just popped up. Here you want to click “Disable Platform”. NOW FREEZE! Hear me out a moment


It’ll waffle on about a few things. You really should read this one.


Mainly that last bit I’ve underlined a bunch. At the time of writing this DID NOT remove posts by apps, despite what it says. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to but for example it didn’t remove any of my instagram posts or my IFTTT posts. I don’t know if this will ever change but be aware it might. What we’re doing here is the nuclear delete all apps option.

If you don’t want to remove all apps, this is the last chance to back out! Don’t worry about sites where you’ve logged in or registered as we’ll re-enable it all shortly (minus the apps we just removed) so you can log in to other sites with your Facebook creds.

Ok so you just clicked Disable Platform. Great. Now what? Looks like nothing happened right? Oh yeah? Click on that App link again


Boom. All the apps are gone. Sorted.

To re-enable logging into websites and all that jazz, go back into the platform settings and re-enable the platform.


So there you go. You’ve managed to disable all apps on Facebook in one go. Hope it helps!