Ticket Inbound is a project that converts inbound email to tickets in any application supported by Zapier

Using Basecamp, GitHub, GitLab, Trello, Todoist, etc but don’t have any way to specify a [email protected] domain?

Me too. Ticket Inbound does that, and just that. You point a domain’s MX records at us (or forward a [email protected] email address to your account’s inbound ticketinbound.com address) and we turn this into a call to Zapier.

From there you can do whatever you want with the information. Create a new todo in Basecamp, add a task to your backlog list in Trello? The world is your oyster.

Cost? $12/mo. One-man army, small business, large business? $12/mo. Unlimited.

Ticket Inbound

Why yet another project? This is just something I need. It’s also a reasonably simple one to do and I really want to start live streaming code with something a bit simpler.

Stuff used to build Ticket Inbound