Formerly named Imgy (2011-2016), Imgsir is a simple image hosting site. I think I switched to from for two reasons

  1. .com
  2. I wanted to make it a paid service of some sort, but then realised it was becoming Imgur.

One of my earliest projects (side note: oh my god it’s almost a decade old?? No way, that can’t be right.. !) I made this after Imgur became an ad-ridden hellhole. Ironically Imgur was created because image hosts before it had become ad-ridden hell holes.

Future plans for Imgsir

Not really sure honestly. I want to give it a bit of care and attention to make sure it’s all good and polished but I also don’t want to fall into the problems of the past for image hosting sites.

I’m also reluctant to do anything that makes it popular, as there’s literally no way to make money off it in its current form. Not a terrible thing but if it became Imgur popular I’d instantly go bankrupt and it’d go offline.

Stuff used to build Imgsir