FeedFinish. Simply put it’s like Feedburner except made not 15 years ago.

Elevator pitch me

FeedFinish sits in front of your usual podcast feed, making any on-the-fly changes you need hosted on your own domain.

Advanced features allow you to ping webhooks when events are triggered. There’s also an option to monetize your archives.

What sort of pricing are you thinking?

Hobby Established Empire
Feed mirror
On-the-fly edits
Bring your own domain
Paid feeds
Pricing per feed $2/mo $12/mo $149/mo

Prices may change after the beta testing period. If they go up you’ll be grandfathered in on these prices.

Essentially I want it as close to free as possible for the basic stuff.. but I also don’t want to be out of pocket doing it. Maybe one day there’ll be a free tier, maybe not. For now, not. I can’t afford to do it.

What does it do really though?

Feed mirror

Our most base feature. You tell us your feed, we serve it too. Change the underlying feed without loss of service.

If you decide to leave our service, specify your feed’s new location and we’ll serve up a redirect to it as long as the service is online.

On-the-fly edits

Alter your feed as needed. Override the title, change the description, alter the artwork.

This feature can be used to prepend stats links to your episodes such as those from Chartable, Podtrac, Podsights – Or all of the above.

Bring your own domain

We’re happy to host your feed under our domain, but for future-proofing and domain recognition point a subdomain for your feed(s) such as feeds.example.com/your/feed to us and we’ll serve them up there


This is an advanced feature, but if you need it you’re going to love this one. Fire a webhook when certain events happen. Such events include

  • When we detect a new episode from your podcast
  • When someone fetches your podcast feed
  • When someone downloads an episode
  • When someone subscribes to your premium feed

What can you do with this data? Your imagination’s the limit. Build your own in-house analytics platform, auto-post new episodes to Twitter, spam up a slack channel with download pings. You name it, you can probably do it.


Just want a second opinion on who’s listening and from where? No problem. Maybe your host doesn’t provide statistics? Also, no problem.

Lets say you have a public feed, but you want to more robustly monetize your backlog. Tell us how many episodes can be released for free and we’ll pop a paywall on the rest.

Your users sign up (white label, if using your own domain) where they’ll be given an authenticated feed URL after payment which they can use to access the full feed.

We don’t handle the cash, you input your Stripe details* and we’ll step out of the way. The income goes directly to you.

* Paypal is also planned, but not from the start

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