People have visited this page

Just wanted a quick counter to see if anyone’s reading any of this guff.

Feedburner is on Google's Radar

Anyone still using Feedburner? I’ve been avoiding it because it’s Google but there’s not really a replacement

IMGY is back

Needed a quick one to get me back into the swing of things. Necromanced my old image hosting site.

I just want to fit in

all ive ever wanted is to fit in

Notes on Streaming

I’ve been making notes on the things I learn in regards to livestreaming. Just ignore this if you don’t care about livestreaming on Twitch or wherever.

I'm on the Telegram now

Woo super interesting post coming right up.

Spotify Please

Spotify, wanna earn a cool milly? Give this a read.

Twitch Builds

I’ve been pondering this thing. Here’s the results. Also there’s a start to the branding as you can see in the title!

Profit Share

Some of my upcoming Twitch projects would benefit from collaboration. In turn I’d like to redistribute any profits into the pockets of those that contributed.

Fuck, I'm Broke (an idea not a statement)

A project I really want to do, but too cynical to bother with.