It’s like Feedburner except made not 15 years ago. Modern stuff innit.

More information about this project can be found on its project page, Feedfinish

The basic inspiration for this project was that the domain was up for renewal and, as is tradition, I realise it’d be a good project to work on again (every domain, every year)

This time though it’s come about during my “just do the damn thing” attitude. So I’m doing the damn thing.

Inspiration wise it comes from Feedburner. I’ve always liked the idea of having something in front of my feeds in case I ever need to change anything behind the scenes without relying on the previous host to maintain a redirect for me. Unfortunately it’s hosted by Google and I’ve been pulling their tendrills out of my life for the past couple of years. Also it’s Google so they’re probably going to just randomly shut it down.

Feedfinish at its core does the same sort of stuff. Ingest a feed, make changes the owner wants, output a fully compatible RSS feed.

Adding on to that, I wanted to do things like trigger Tweets whenever an episode went up. I know, I know, I can just make an RSS-triggered Zapier or IFTTT flow. It’s not instant though dammit! It’s also limited to doing things when a new episode is uploaded too. I want more options!

Also I want to host my feeds on a snazzy domain or something rather than I mean Transistor (#ad) isn’t that bad, but it’s not exactly white label 😂

There’s also other things I want to do too. Maybe ping an in-house analytics script that updates a spreadsheet or something? I dunno, can’t remember what I wanted to do. It’s in the issue list somewhere.

Anyway point is, I’m working on Feedfinish as the project-of-the-quarter. I’ve got till June to get something released or scrap the idea forever*.

* I say that but the last project-of-the-quarter didn’t get scrapped, it got reclassified as a hobby project… dammit, me.

You should probably subscribe to the mail list below so that you hear all about it. Heh. You just got marketed at. Nailed it.