Pay Attention

You ever take a moment to just experience your body?

I mean really paying attention to when you’re thirstily drinking down water for example.

All of these muscles moving fluidly as one while I’ve just barely thought “obtain flask”.

How the skin is pulled tighter and tighter until enough force is achieved to unscrew the lid.

The slooshing and sloshing of the water until:

Bam! The lips feel it nanoseconds before it hits, cold - fluctuating cold temperature. Not a millisecond later your brain has recognised liquid, water, safe. Allow.

The coldness rushes to the back of your mouth, maybe a sensitive tooth starts whimpering.

Down the gullet we go, icy cold. Occasional turbulence as the gulping effect pushes us into the indoor pool. Here I failed biology so I dunno what goes on other than the water knocks about a bit until it ends up as:

Blood. It’s been transformed, with a bit of very cleverly digestion stuff, into the lifeforce that keeps us going.

Eventually I’ll need a piss, stay tuned for that riveting sequel.

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