You know when someone says “I’m a” and then follow it up with the name of a group, just replace whatever they say with “boring bastard”.

I’m a gamer. I’m a vegan. I’m a mother. I’m a whatever. I get it, you do you and all that. But my god have something else on the table too during a natter.

Obviously you don’t need to impress, don’t worry about it really. Just as a little feedback holy fuck do you sound a bit one-track tribing yourself so early into a conversation! It’s important to you, I know. Indeed it is important! But it shouldn’t be the only thing about you. Don’t make it your slogan.

What do you do? Not what group have you assigned yourself. What do you do?

  • I’m a gamer: I spend a disproportionate amount of time playing video games
  • I’m a vegan/veggie/pescatarian/ketonoun: I like to think about food, like, a lot
  • I’m a mother: I care for at least one child on a permanent and full time basis
  • I’m a nerd: All I really do is write on this shitty blog that nobody reads

See what I mean? When you say you’re a thing then you automatically say what you do, too. At least an assumed version of what you do. Might as well just link the person to your Facebook “likes” page and just wander off too, know what I mean?

Interesting people, and I stress interesting in the context of a brand new, introductionary conversation have a couple or more of these tags (also they don’t use them).

Be a gamer, be a nerd, be whatever - just be more than one of them when you’re introducing yourself! Mix it up a bit!

So anyway I wrote this one to myself.

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