Have you ever wished you could trigger an applet if something AND something else happened? Yeah me too, for ages now actually.

A quick scratched itch of a project (This means don’t judge me for it being Bootstrap default..) - you sign in and set up a check. Within the check you set up Hooks and SendHooks (Frontend Model names TBC).

Why is this useful? Well this means that you can set up as many applets as you like and set them to ping IFTAT’s webhook.

Once all of these set Hooks have been activated, IFTAT will ping the SendHook (which will likely be a Webhook receiver applet in IFTTT). Lets pick an example..

Lets say you and your partner both use IFTTT. You both have a location applet set to trigger when you leave the house. When you’re both out of the house you want your porch light to switch on.

With this you set up a location applet in your account to trigger when you leave an area. Tell it to ping a webhook when this happens. You set it up on your partner’s account too.

In IFTAT you then set up a check that will ping back to an IFTTT applet that turns your porch light on. IFTAT will only ping this applet when BOTH of you have left the house.

Now lets say we only want to do this at night. We add another applet to the mix that pings IFTAT at sunset. Now we’ll only ping your porch light on applet if you’ve both left the house AND it’s nighttime.

… Let me know if I need to explain this any better it feels like this is a terrible explanation. Anyway it’s here -> If This AND That

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