I have a future bankrupting habit of registering domain names before I start work on a project. Am giving the idle ones away rather than letting squatters nab them on expiry. Pop in!

The rules:

  • Make me an offer I cant refuse and it’s yours, or
  • Let me know via the contact form what you’re planning on doing with the domain. Just an elevator pitch will do. No charge for a sound plan*
  • If the domain’s listed it’s still available

* You will likely need to pay a transfer fee to your registrar if you’re not using Namecheap, this doesn’t go to me and is out of my hands.

Nerd alert! This is a bit of a technical ramble.
Have a look at the Easy Reading tag for writing a little less tech

I just want them to go into good hands rather than squatters. Good hands, not just hands that have something similar and like the sound of the domain. Not just people looking to resell them.. having said that we’ve all got bills to pay so I am open to “buy it now” offers in the $$$$+ range.

Yes the amount is to put you off just buying them. I want to see new things made, not just yet another squatted domain full of shitty adverts. I bought these domains for a reason after all, I just don’t have the bandwidth right now.

I’ve grouped them where appropriate based on what I was going to do with them. If you want the group they come as a package by default or feel free to say “I don’t want xyz.tld” or “I only want abcd.tld”, I wont force the excess on you (but note I will likely just let the rest of the group expire on renewal day if you nab one from the group)

For legally covering my arse reasons I do not promise to avoid competing with your new service, but I do promise I wont go out of my way to do so. As you can tell I’ve had a fair few ideas myself, I don’t need yours too.

Just to note if you’re here just browsing and you really like the idea, they do remain on my task list until the domain’s gone. If nobody fancies the relevant domain I’ll get round to it eventually. Let me know which one I should work on!

5 minute media reviews

I was looking to do a series of podcasts where I review books and stuff in 5 minutes. No spoilers, just enough information for listeners to decide if they want to purchase it

  • 5minutebookreview.com
  • 5minutefilmreview.com
  • 5minutemoviereview.com
  • fiveminutebookreview.com
  • fiveminutefilmreview.com
  • fiveminutemoviereview.com


An online bookclub


I honestly don’t know. It was for silly things like “Click on ads you don’t want to see, so you’re less tempted in future #casualanarchy”


DNS management panel that hooks into the API of other services and controls them in one interface


Bet you can’t guess what this one was going to be. Oh, you can’t? It’s a domain search tool that doesn’t suck.


RSS feeds to bot (Messenger, Telegram, etc)

Feed Finish

A service to replace Feedburner

  • feedfinish.com
  • feedfinish.net


No idea, name looked cool and I like me a good hexagon


Something like Laravel Forge, Serverpilot, Forge, etc. The way I was going to do it was for less techy folk, I’d spin up the server under HP’s DigitalOcean account and pass on the costs.

If This and That

To be used with IFTTT. You set up two or more IFTTT widgets and have them ping IFTAT’s webhook URLs. Once enough/all of them have triggered IFTAT would ping an IFTTT url and you can do something with a bit more and logic. I went off this one when I went full Zapier.

  • iftat.com
  • ifthisandthat.com


Name sounded cool, something to to with linking podcasts I guess?

Oral / Aural FM

Podcast network branding

  • aural.fm
  • oral.fm


No idea. A podcast of some sort but I think I just impulse purchased it.


Either a podcast hosting company that utilizes the typo, or something to do with public domain casting. I’m not sure, it was ages ago when I registered these and the ideas have changed over time with other domains being registered (NOTE: I will be competing with my project hosted.fm if you go for a podcast hosting platform! Good luck to us both!)

  • pdcast.com
  • pdcast.net
  • pdcast.org

Podcast Database

Similar to the iTunes podcast directory but more open and open source

  • poddb.io
  • poddb.net


I got frustrated about not being able to just embed any old podcast into my site without being the owner of it. This would embed podcasts nicely, referencing the source URL so that the podcast’s stats don’t get messed around


Podfeed is pretty similar to FeedFinish in my notes, but if you think of something then lets see it happen.

  • podfeed.io
  • podfeed.org


Bring in all ratings for a podcast. All of them. iTunes, Stitcher, etc. Alert the podcaster when they get a new rating


Podcast search engine

Posh or Trashy

I dunno like Hot or Not but for things like ketchup in a nice serving dish.. I think drunk me came up with this one.

  • poshortrashy.com
  • trashyorposh.com


YouTube branding, playing retro games for the first time.


Break down and explain why a joke was funny. Aimed at aspiring comedians.

Realised I’m not one.


For naming and shaming shite release notes on the Apple et al store

Team Calendar

A calendar that automatically schedules in tasks among a team based on skillset (tags) and deadlines

  • teamcal.app
  • teamcalendar.app
  • teamcalendar.io


Probably one of my oldest this one, it was going to be a webhosting platform that only charged if your site was loading within 3 seconds


Close to my heart. I was making a rival to twitch.tv just to see if I could. I could. I didn’t want to.


Convert inbound email into a webhook ping for use in Zapier


Convert any old website updates to RSS


Looking to make a self-hosted video hosting site that allows the owner to specify pricing. Pricing attached per account/video/off.


Input a name and optionally a film/tv. YIT figures out if the name is an actor (resolving character names where input) and then sees if they were in film/tv


Tiktok/Vine/etc alternative