I Hate AI

So AI is getting on my tits a little bit. Nothing massive, just a ramble.

I recently reregistered on Facebook. I know, I know. I did it because there’s no viable alternative (viable alternative = has people I know from irl on it) right now and we’re in full on lockdown again.

Anyway the thing that’s jumped up my backside is Facebook’s stupid friend suggestion AI. It had no idea who I was at first of course so the suggestions were garbage. To be expected. I added a few friends and the suggestions got better, repeat.

However now that I’m in a second wave of rebuilding my FB graph I’m just getting suggestions to friend people I ALREADY RULED OUT as not my pals! I clicked their profile to see who they are, Facebook. Not because I might be friends with them. If I was friends with them, I’d have added them as a friend.

This goes for other recommendation engines too. Look at Amazon. I bought a dishwasher on Amazon a year or so back, I STILL get suggestions to look at dishwashers. Oh aye Bezos sign me up for the subscribe and save on dishwashers. Fuck me.

Stop sprinkling AI on goddamn everything. It sucks. It’s not there yet, it’ll never be there. Recommendation systems are a flawed idea because you can’t automate recommendations. Robots don’t recommend, they repeat.

Some other customers bought a second of something or other so the AI thinks dishwashers should be treated the same. The AI is all “bet we can make Bezos another few quid with this one lol” and just faceplants with its stupid buy a second dishwasher suggestion.

Your AI recommendation engine sucks and you should feel bad for creating it.

Social image is “Artificial Intelligence & AI & Machine Learning” by mikemacmarketing. Licensed under CC BY 2.0

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