May 4, 2021. Tuesday.

Remind me to chill out with sponsors


Something I’ve noticed is whenever a relatively new creator gets a sponsor deal they absolutely fucking ham on it haha. I annoyed people last time I tweeted about this so now you’re in my house imma talk about it. This isn’t directed at you, or anyone in particular. I’ve even sat on this one for a few days to a few weeks so hopefully nobody thinks it’s about them in particular. It really isn’t about anyone in particular. Also I realise it’s only a minor quibble from someone with a first world problem but streaming in of itself is a first world thing so all problems relating to it are naturally first world problems.

Anyway the main thing I have is.. dude I pay for (Twitch) Turbo. I don’t want ads. I get it you need to earn a bit of extra cheddar but to dedicate so much of your stream to affiliate link of the week.. It’s your content of course but imma watch something else and consider moving the subscription elsewhere. I don’t pay for ads, especially not 20 minute long ones. Just can’t. Nope. Nobody’s content is that good.

Mostly a note to self that a sub is probably worth more than an affiliate click.

Anyway no judgements, don’t change your content for my dumb ass. I’ll just watch something else


Oh aye I read into the Basecamp thing a bit more and I think I get where people are coming from. It’s still foreign as fuck to hear they were previously discussing politics and that on work time (again, UK) but yeah fair enough.

I’d have still taken the money either way though. Dude 6 months pay, aren’t they on 70 grand a year minimum or something over there? Fuck yeah give me 30 grand for literally no additional work, got damn.


Always hits me weird when I see someone selling a book or course or something aimed at people with ADHD.. You know ADHD comes with executive dysfunction right? Seems a proper dick move to price your thing high as balls and claim it has all the answers to your impulse control after exploiting it.

The vibes on that one are rather scumbaggery.


Oh aye did you want to read the article on Basecamp too? Sorry


Unrelated to anything. Added some really obnoxious styling to images that I’ve forgot to add the alt tag to. Like this one here.

If you utilize alt tags I do apologise for deliberately missing one here to demo. Contents of the screenshot follow the image! It’ll probably sound all garbled and whatnot, it’s CSS inside a HTML style tag.

    /* For where I forget to add alt text to images */
    [role=img]:not([aria-label]) {
        border: dashed 10px red;


Random anxiety thought. If you notice I stopped following you somewhere please don’t take it personally, it just means I don’t care what you have to say.

No wait that didn’t come out right.

In reality you probably advertised too much guff or completely took over my timeline, I’m the one guy still browsing chronologically. I like to keep my follows around 100 as I can actually keep up with everything.

If you think that’s exclusive all my other socials are limited to people I actually talk to (gasp!)


Still cant sleep before 2am, what is up with that? It’s so specific too. I can be totally immersed in something, tired at 2am. Literally doing nothing but wait till sleep from 9pm? 2am. I have honestly tried, I actually want to be a morning person lmao.


Oh anyway I wasnt going to write about that, that was a distraction.

I swear I’ve been given all the tools I need to pick up any intermediate to advanced (but no further) digital skill. Writing? Sure. Writing code? No bother.

But I’ll happily sit here doing sweet nothings from when work finishes until I fall asleep.. aye at 2am.

Im being impatient, the second part of that ADHD life story interview is coming up, imma go easy on myself till this process is done.

Like I get it me, you want to do something cool. You haven’t done that in 32 years you can wait till you’re 33.

Speaking of which thats in 4 weeks.

Fancy an email update instead of having to pop back here every time?

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My real love is writing though, this here’s my outlet for that.
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