May 2, 2021. Sunday.

You ever get it where you’re like.. am I just an arsehole?

I dunno just sorta checked Twitter before the end of the day, saw a tweet about how ADHD has become trendy during the pandemic which fair enough here’s where we start to feel annoyed but..

I couldn’t find anyone saying that haha. Just people reacting to it. Bit weird.


Ah a bit more digging and there was one tweet, since deleted.

Tell you what is trendy having seen the ground zero for the tweet’s aftermath, it’s biting the face off everything. There is a world of difference between Epstein’s pedo island and some youtuber with a dumb take.. Quit trying to cancel everything.

I know that sounds like one of those “ooo cancel culture” thing but no, by all means cancel pedos and people actually being evil by all means. But a silly take on the birdy website? At least reply to the daft fuck to tell them why it’s such a dumb take before you start the cancel process. Disgusting behaviour all round really.

Just call them dumb, don’t try to fucking ruin their lives you creepy fucks.

Tbh this is why we have a legal system rather than just letting everyone at it. It is flawed but at least it’s nice and slow. Gives everyone the time to talk.


Am gonna be honest too while I’m going against the grain. Basecamp. Getting a lot of shit right now. I did enjoy the tripledown as a spectator..

Maybe it’s a cultural thing but I’m pretty sure “no politics and that during work” is part and parcel with a job in the UK, really weird to see the reaction to it if I’m honest. The going advice here is to never use your work’s resources on personal stuff.

I’ve tried following all the loudest talking heads to see if I can see why it’s such a huge explosion but I’ve missed the initial train and now everyone’s just angry and not really going over the details. I know I should already know the answer. I am trying. It’s hard to grasp the point when everyone’s just so pissed off all the fucking time.

As far as I can tell without understanding the above is Basecamp just fucked themselves with the 6 months pay offer.. I’d suck your dick clean off your pelvis for less hahaha. There’s loads of jobs going, not many “here’s 6 months pay for no work” offers. I think everyone else is just disappointed their idol company just turned out to be a regular company.

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