April 30, 2021. Friday.

Didn’t eat the chocolate bar. Gonna reward myself with a choc… forget it.

I’m doing something that would look totally fucking dumb from an outside perspective. Naturally who gives a fuck, if it helps imma do it.

I got some silicon thumb rings. Just cheap little things from Amazon in a handful of colours. My favorite is the navy blue one. Naturally I’ve already lost the navy blue one. I’m now using the black one. Anyway I put one on when I’ve got stuff to do, that way when I get gigadistracted on something for 12 hours I remember there’s still something I need to get done today and that I should check Todoist before winding down.

So far I’ve only been using the existence of the ring to say “Check Todoist” but I’d imagine there’d be nothing stopping you using the red one for like “you have to do something not at this location today” or the blue one to say “you still need a shower” if you get distracted or whatever. I dunno. I just came up with it give me a break. Do whatever. I’m not your mum.

Imma be honest with you, I bought the rings because I thought they might look cool. They sorta don’t. I dunno. Now I’m trying to justify still wearing one and this idea came along off the top of my head when I bumped into a housemate and anxiety spiked thinking “what are you going to say if someone asks why you’re wearing a dumb ring”.

Either way I’m wearing my fuckin badass thumb ring.

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