April 29, 2021. Thursday.

Today someone said their piece

Washing up a bowl, as ye do. Couldn’t find any washing up liquid.. Housemate pops up saying I use too much of it. So he’s probably hiding it then to initiate this conversation. Go on then, lets see if your prepared argument goes to plan. Have you rehearsed this, it sounds rehearsed?

Fuck I wish washing up liquid made the list of things I care about. No bother mate I’ll buy some more on Friday.

Switched to “Do you know the effect on the environment..” lemme stop you there I could solidly pour washing up liquid into a drain my entire life taking no breaks and still barely touch the environmental effect of I dunno, one pizza shop? If that?

Life’s too short. Imagine having the bandwidth to know the washing up liquid consumption of a single individual hahaha. Am probably going to do something snarky like buy a 16-pack off Amazon. Get the fuck out of my business tbh.

I’m not really going to do that, that’s not a hill I’m dying on. I’m only caring enough to write it down now because I’m still a bit on the defensive buzz from the random rejection I wasn’t prepared for (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jM3azhiOy5E)

Proper threw off the start of my day that. Only went down for a coffee.


He apologised unprompted for having a go about it. I agreed sometimes I do tend to just (gestures) bwooooop the washing up liquid and I’ll try to use less. We cool.

Look at me giving things a moment to simmer. Well done brain.

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