April 18, 2021. Sunday.

Today I’ve been thinking about content again

Content, videos, movies, projects, whatever it is. I’ve put myself in a box meaning I’m doing tech stuff on the side but never creating any extras on top. Course the thing I made exists (Imgy) but I never streamed or recorded any of it.

Fuck the Twitch Plays thing (not forever) hit start ya daft cunt, fuck me.

Oh aye I got GitHub actions pushing to Dokku. Woo. Well done me.

Updated /now with some deets n all

Speaking of Dokku and relatedly Imgy. Man I need to tidy up that landing page. All that text on load is horrible hahaha. It’s on the list.

Fancy an email update instead of having to pop back here every time?

Heya! I’m Cohan and I make websites. I also administer Linux servers and do other nerdy good stuff like that.
My real love is writing though, this here’s my outlet for that.
A picture of me.