April 10, 2021. Saturday.

Today I saw am American bragging about their ability to binge drink


We drink tequila straight in America hur dur flexes pecs.. Aye fair enough but last time I drank tequila it was out of a saucepan mixed with various other spirits so idk

I dunno it’s a terrible pissing contest really but come on, drinking is all we have here. We’re adept.


I know it’s tomorrow technically but I put them on the end of the previous if I’ve not slept yet, it feels right.

Anyway sometimes I have weird moments of realisation that because I watched a Scottish lady cook pancakes I’m now listening to scooter played by an American lady wearing a Darth Vader mask and it’s like

The internet is a hell of a drug.

Fancy an email update instead of having to pop back here every time?

Heya! I’m Cohan and I make websites. I also administer Linux servers and do other nerdy good stuff like that.
My real love is writing though, this here’s my outlet for that.
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