April 1, 2021. Thursday.

Today I..


By the way it feels like it was an age ago and a completely different person. Limped over the finish line into this holiday but maaaannn. Yes.

I’ve just let my sleeping pattern go, I’m all over the shop waking up and sleeping. I cranked out a website.. at some point I have no idea. Still working on it. Got another project in the queue.

Should stream all this but don’t want to mess up the inertia. Give me a minute haha. No anxiety spawners.

The site I made is Imgy I’ll fix it up later today. I know, if you’re bingeing I literally just mentioned that remember it’s been like 4 weeks or an hour or something since the last entry!


Oh aye I’ve got an appointment with a therapist rgds ADHD. I don’t know if I mentioned. It’s like end of April but aye, progress.

Heya! I’m Cohan and I make PHP-based websites. I also administer Linux servers and do other nerdy good stuff like that.
My real love is writing though, this here’s my outlet for that.
A picture of me.