March 28, 2021. Sunday.



Got a couple weeks off work. Gonna put some lights in the bathroom and crank the shower. Make it all humid and that, rave.

Top off beer gut hoiked over the balcony if the sun even thinks of peeking out from behind a cloud. Weyyyyy. Desperados is the right name for it.

Cut to reality: the memory foam mattress has just given up trying to remember.

Been doing great by the way. Really should make an effort to write down good feelings and ramblings.

Got a shop in. Food is running on batteries instead of being outside fed. The food cache is warm. I’ve got milk in. You what? Analogies are always awful don’t worry about it.


Alliteration am always always amazeballs awesome. Already.

Alright a aunderstood. Atop.



I love technology. Few years back my mate Emily moved to Japan. Now and then the timezones and sleeping patterns line up and we can just chat in realtime as if we were neighbours.

I know, I know. I’m being far too impressed by technology. One day some nerd will be saying this communicating with a mate who moved to Mars.


Oh aye I’ve been playing Factorio if you notice any massive gaps in time. Sometimes you just have to admit that you’re just pretending to do something useful.

That sounded kinda depressing but honestly I’m more just in Factorio robotic brain ultrabeard mode.

Concrete the planet. Move on. Repeat. Bip boop.

Someone make sure that thought isn’t copied over if my mind ever becomes the seed for nanobot AI for some reason.. That’s the exact sort of situation that causes planets to be covered in concrete. Be careful science god dammit.

I’ve had 2 red bulls. It turns out when it’s me who’s set up the just-eat block on my internet I can easilly figure out how to bypass it. Greggs is on Just Eat by the way. Lovely sausage roll.


Alexa misheard me asking her to buy some liquid soap and put this on instead. Honestly not a bad shout Alexa.

Still need to buy the soap tho mate.

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