March 26, 2021. Friday.

Today I put new boxers on


I have new boxers. As in recently bought not just changed. They’re a bit tighter round the ass than my previous boxers. Permanently hugged arse.


The most morally wrong thing I do is eat meat if I’m honest with myself. Who put us in charge and even if we are in charge what the fuck.

Imagine Boris decided human was on the menu. Aye that vibe.


Alright conscience who asked you?


If I’m honest I read that word too many times thinking I used the wrong word now I’m pronouncing it con science.

Brain can we get back to work mate.


Down to 10% meat! Just need to find some things to replace beans because why not be allergic to beans cheers DNA.


Talking of DNA I wrote a mad atheist themed rant the other day. I need to shave.

No I haven’t published it.


I’m definitely feeling a good walk if that sun comes back

And typing that made me sound 80 years old

Nope it’s started raining. Cheers for that, universe.


By the way if anyone ever gets access to the blog’s git repo it’s all “wip” because if I have a good commit message I put it in the diary somehow.

There’s some totes juicy gossip hidden in this repo where I’ve deleted stuff. Go on, you want to see it. Go on. This episode of “Diary” is sponsored by patreon dot com forward slash Cohan.

I need another shower after plugging that “ironically” haha. I can’t do it. Ads are just so eurgh if you think about it.

Hello I’m gonna follow you around the internet like a creepy bastard so I can figure out how to trick you into buying this trash some cunt wants me to show you.



Alexa p1 today play factorio


Man I’ve been giving too much money to millionaires.


The penis mightier than the sword

God dammit you said no dick jokes this year.


No no it’s ok because sniffs own fart as an atheist I am actuallly the only person that is allowed to take your lord’s name in vain.

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