March 22, 2021. Monday.

Today I didn’t go for a walk but I did trip over.


I was about to go out for a lunchtime walk then did the washing then had food then did some work then fucked the washing into the dryer then it was 3pm

me to brain: “It’s still sunny..”

Nah mate you missed it, I’ll try again tomorrow.

Fair’s fair.


I just used the phrase “what’s more to ask” is that even a.. phrase?

I think I was going for “what more could you ask for” there but tripped over myself. It sort of looks technically correct though, I dunno. I’ve nerd sniped myself, back to work.


Sometimes I feel like I’ve got so many things that need doing that I can’t do any of them haha. I sorta miss Skedpal for shuffling things into order..

I would miss it 2 weeks before the account needs renewing.. I’d be more tempted if there was any news on a version 3 or whatever the next version was.

Ooh I never did the trial of that Amazing Marvin either.. oops. Third time’s the charm. I hope they don’t mind me deleting the account and re-trialling haha, in fairness I did forget entirely so I never used it.

I’m liking the look if it in dusk theme..


I have done absolute nothing since finishing work. I mean I did try out marvin from earlier but cba’d it. It’s too much for me. I know you can disable a bunch but I felt overwhelmed just browsing through the features

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