March 21, 2021. Sunday.

It’s actually a really nice day. I should go for a walk. Technology tho.


Mornin. There is a reason I veered off into the weeds yesterday and it’s an ongoing attempt to cut bills down. If I can get all my duff projects punted onto dokku that means I can kill off a couple of servers and the management software. Use the savings to put towards the big 25k. It’d only be around 20, 30 quid a month but it’s a start.

It’s also recurring and interest-y, if I can do that a few more times or even just bring in the same amount they’ll add up till I get big big wins.

I’m also going to work on Hosted as it’s own thing. I know I keep coming back to this and veering off but I’m going to do it as a no frills just straight up fiver a month host all your podcasts. I mean frills will come later I’m not saying it’ll forever be crap, but it means I’ve got an excuse as to why the design is terrible haha.

It also means I can stop hosting at Transistor, not that I’ve got any problems with them! But they are another $19/mo into the pot. They’re more aimed at your enterprisey sort of customers anyway. Featureset got away from me during my podcasting drought. I can do better (for me).


Oh aye I’ve decided to release all my projects under the PolyForm Noncommercial License 1.0.0 at least for the forseeable. This means you can use them and self host them yourself no bother, but you can’t make money off it. Unless you’re doing it in a profit share way of course, but that’s a whole nother thing.

If you do happen to want to make money off something I can do you a bespoke license, get in touch!


Got nerd sniped trying to find a power adapter for someone’s audio interface haha. These darn internet tubes. Wheeee!

By the way, future me. Have a splurge on this lmao Raspberry Pi in tablet form.


Music of the moment is the Hours album by Funeral For a Friend. Just got it on shuffle, nothing fancy.

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