March 20, 2021. Saturday.

Today I am a shill. Also quite vain.


I remember 1030 using his thing as a QR code and I figured.. I can make something pop up on screen.

Naturally, testing is required.


Aw. There’s seemingly no way to detect it’s through I don’t want to have all their shopping payments popping up on screen for a shoutout haha.

I’ve sent myself a quid through I’ll have a look in the API to see if there’s anything under the hood just in case.


Hang about there’s a bit of metadata here. transaction->metadata->inbound_p2p_id = ‘inbndp2p_000000000000’. My hunch is that might catch paying mates and split the bill etc though, I’m not sure. Probably don’t want your mate sending you some cash for the beers in Benidorm popping up on your stream.

Ooh hello there, we’ve also got transaction->counterparty->user_id = ‘anonuser_000000000’. That’s gotta be

if (transaction->metadata->inbound_p2p_id *= 'inbndp2p_*' && transaction->counterparty->user_id *= 'anonuser_*') {
    // do something with
    //   transaction->notes (The message from the user)
    //   transaction->amount (int, amount in pennies)

I built an equivalent to the above code in an Integromat filter for visual type learners


Note to self I’m going to need some way of popping up a custom alert. Something that takes

  • message (string, required)
  • messageFont=(string, optional, a google font)
  • messageColor=(string, optional, default=ffffff, hex code)
  • messageBgColor=(string, optional, default=null, hex code)
  • imageUrl (image, optional, jpg/png/etc url)
  • audioUrl (audio, optional, mp3/wav url)
  • duration (int, optional, default=5, count in seconds before closing the alert)

and does what you’d imagine. This is a separate thing entirely haha. I need more coffee. Maybe a snack.


Oh right yeah I was doing that.. I converted all my projects into Heroku-compatible installs and deployed them on Dokku. Oops.


Still farting around with dokku lmao dammit

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