March 19, 2021. Friday.

I misunderstood work.


I’ve whinged about holidays and working and that but I’ve been wrong, not wronged.

See the thing is I’ve been treating the job as your standard sort of 9-5. The boss has been treating the job like.. infinitely and legitimately flexible time. I’ve been not using the one biggest perk in the job and then I’ve been judging it from completely the wrong perspective..

I don’t know when I forgot that, or whether I just misunderstood or something at some point..

Good lord. No wonder they have no shame contacting me if something’s on the verge of but maybe not quite urgent.. I’ve had the ability to just wander off in the middle of the day and that without feeling guilty..

I am an absolute muppet sometimes, swear to good.

13:37 (hacker number (my phone number has 1337 in it #dox))

Friday bangers and mash was my search and got an exact match

Started on Bonkers then shuffled if you want to know how this all works behind the scenes. Riveting.

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