March 11, 2021. Thursday.

Had a call rgds ADHD.


It was a quick phone assessment but the fella said I tick a lot of the boxes from what I told him. I wonder if it helped that my dumb ass answered on the iPad for some reason and had to ask him to call back haha. Idiot.

They’re gonna refer me on to someone with a degree of some sort for a yay/nay on diagnosis and then treatment.



Oh aye I wrote a thing yesterday but it’s just a depression nest, don’t bother with it.


All an overreaction. While dings were had on both sides yesterday, we’re all good work wise long term. I didn’t need a legal trap card, everyone is cool. Work is going to work with me in regards to how my wonky brain wiring works.

Me.. overracting? Nawwwwwww.


My mate Fox linked to this video and it’s quite insightful, give it a watch.

I never know if Fox is just being nice or if I have an actual decent idea or not (I am always bouncing crap off Fox haha) but yeah this video says to me “mate. you gotta actually do something” and I appreciate that. I need to pull my finger out, sniff it, write some code.

To turn it into an analogy I’ve managed to get to the airport, and got into a plane.. but now I’m just sort of taxiiing around all the runways haha. I need to flyyyyyyyyyy

Too long didn’t watch version: You cannot become a millionaire just working a 9-5. You have to do something.


Lets not with this foreplay, brain. Just bottle the stream today but god damn if you don’t do Saturday.. That might be better for building something from scratch anyway no midnight to run into..

Alright brain whatever you say. You know it’s cause someone you watch is about to go online. Admit it!

It’s ok, it’s the first stream. Literally nobody is waiting for you, you’re good man. Chiiiillll Winston. No pressure man.

Look at me treating me how I’d treat a friend today. This diary lark is starting to pay out.


I am having a beer. No, two. But that’s it.

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