March 6, 2021. Saturday.

I feel motivated today.. IT IS POSSIBLE!


Woke up bright and early at 11am feeling motivated to do something. I haven’t got out of bed yet don’t get me wrong it’s still early days but man. I don’t think I’ve had a feeling of drive in years. It’s like someone’s leaned over and put me into 4x4 mode.

I didn’t end up getting smashed yesterday.. I mean I had two soops and a cheeky Carling but let’s be honest the alcoholism in these genes, that barely touched the sides.

I wonder if it has anything to do with chugging a litre of water, going back to sleep a min, waking up. Noted for future testing haha.

Alright imma wake up, you go do your thing. Imma go do my thing. We’ll meet up and discuss later.


Wait is it my sister’s birthday today? Man fuck Facebook for removing the birthdays iCal link. I was doing so well when I had that.


Oh aye I made this last night which is why I got distracted from getting pissed. Chat bot that lets mods add tasks directly into my Todoist account :D

I’ll expand on the idea later to turn it into a scaled service idk

01:28 tomorrow

Imagine downstairs had his heat on so much because I’ve got my window open because it’s too warm up here because he’s got the heat on so much because the draft from my window being open leaks into his place downstairs or something.

Know what I mean?

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