March 5, 2021. Friday.

Today I ran away from my problems.

I actually walked, sorry for the clickbait.


Just sitting there in a whirlpool of I need to do something but I can’t start for some dumbass reason and this day job is.. well my boss says I think the work is beneath me but if I could be honest it’s because I haven’t had a raise in 4 years and don’t get paid any more whether I work my tits off or not. Also there’s this pandemic on and everything is fucking shit right now and that.. Let’s not go there tho. Also it might still be relating to ADHD. I’ve not heard anything back from the docs yet.

I decided to go for a bike ride up the castle. Couldn’t remember which bike it was I had been loaned. I decided to go for a nice walk up the castle.

Long story short I found some lovely little places that would be perfect for recording some video stuff. Not too far from home but not close enough someone can just stalk me back home from the pictures without consent.

I didn’t get to the castle. Went the wrong way. Lovely walk though, I’d forgotten about the various little gardens and parks along that route. Also I remembered the right way for future me to give a go. We used to take it back when Stafford Castle had festivals on and we wanted to get in for free. Every quid counts when it’s beer money, right?

I gotta get out and about more I’ll tell you hwhat. Feel proper energised now.

Also for the jobsworths in the audience I took a laptop with me. I know I’m usually chained to a desk in case someone’s website breaks but I had 4G signal.

It should be sunny tomorrow, it’d be lovely to get the castle all lit up in full glory so I can get the shot to finish this video

I’m getting fucking wrecked tonight. It’s only problem drinking if you can’t afford it. I don’t do it often but I just feel like it tonight. T minus 3 weeks till I have proper time off!!

I know, I’ve been here before. Counting down till a week off. This time it’s two weeks off and this time I’m going to delete all work related apps off my devices. I have monitoring set up, it and it alone is able to contact me to tell me if something’s broken. Yes I’ve tested it and I will test it again before I vanish.

Anything else can wait. 2 weeks isn’t that long, it’s like a day and a half on my current body clock.


Oh aye I had an idea while wandering about. A site that collects up all the discounts and stuff for NHS workers. Take a little fee for promoting things e.g. Just Eat pays a grand to get top spot for its discount a week or whatever. idk. It probably already exists but I’m only telling you I had the idea, I’m not saying it’s a business venture I’m on. Relax.

Also if I did do that, out of that grand I’d put aside for taxes (20%), take my taste (20% of the remaining), put the rest into a fund or donate it to something that directly helps NHS workers. That’d be cool as fuck. Basically an NHS worker targetted version of Fuck I’m broke. A raw fund that NHS workers could dip into for things, even if it’s just because it’s been a moment since you gave yourself a lil treat.

I might actually bosh that together before I get wankered (or during, whatever) after work. Probably only the treats part for now but never say never on the fund.

I should probably just hit stream on that and see what happens to be honest.


Oh aye I had an idea to start a video or w/e with codemiko’s intro except it’s me dancing. That might be a laugh. Might get a few eyeballs over n’all. Easy LSF bait too, they love Miko.


Oooh I bet this Korma version of the Huel Savory would go fucking great with rice. It’s basically like the curry sauce without any meat in it.


Yeah someone already made the NHS thing. It looks like they’re keeping the profits for themselves tho. Classy.


I set up all my stream stuff. At least enough to get started. Fucked the second PC off for now because what am I doing. Using the classic Logitech c9whatever until a long boi stand arrives to hold my phone. Either way imma do a live this weekend. If you see a bit saucy purple banner on this site as you’re reading this – am live right now. Click it.

I think I might make that NHS thing just cause why not. Cheeky little test stream and that. Running a stream test right now and not getting any dropped frames yet at 720p30 @ 3500Kbps. It had trouble at 1080p. I’ll sort out the second PC later and offload 1080p later. Honestly 720 might be better as I’ll be working in text and code a bunch. Easier on the eyeballs if the zoomed in granny font size is built in.


Oh nice the virgin media is up to full power now. I probably could push it further but lets just fly under the bandwidth radar for now.


Wait what the fuck it’s the 5th of March?? It was Valentines Day a moment ago.

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