March 4, 2021. Thursday.

I tried to ask other Twitch streamers for thoughts and I’m butthurt because they downvoted me.


Last night I posted a thing on the /r/Twitch subreddit. I got a nice supportive reply from one person but bugger all else and a downvoted thread for my troubles haha.

/r/Twitch feels like where your crab in a bucket type of streamers live. You’ll get upvoted to the moon if you post something basic and obvious like “don’t call out lurkers” or “PSA /me is not a real donation” (no shit?). If you post asking for actual help and your problem is a bit more complex than letting someone lazily rehash Harris Hellers' “make sure to post to YouTube!!” you’re just gonna get ignored and/or downvoted haha.

Fuck ‘em lmao. Anyway, trying to get randoms to shoot down the idea is a decent sign I’m actually ready to go with it.


You know when you’re in a Discord or something and someone’s said something sad like a parent died so they’re streaming to make them proud how long do you have to wait before it’s alright to ask your question?

I know, I’m being a dick. I’ll come back later when someone else has blindly blurted their question out and changed the subject.

Alexa timer five hours.


Don’t get me wrong I do feel for the person, I’m a dick not a monster. I just don’t know how to navigate the “sorry about your dead dad anyways so I’m having this problem..” scenario.


Haha someone did exactly that. Fair play.

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