March 3, 2021. Wednesday.

Grabbed some of that savory Huel.. Spoilers I liked it


Just finished a thingy of the Huel Savory. Honestly it wasn’t bad!

Do read the instructions before you make it, if you shake up the thing with the lid on and hot water in it the pressure can escape and you get squirted on.

Texture wise it’s sort of like having a bolognaise sauce without the meaty bits and spaghetti. I imagine if you wanted to you could easily add those into it.

Easy to make too, basically same instructions as a pot noodle except you have to stir in the powder to start.


Random note on indiesubs. If the money goes direct to the person they are going to have a MASSIVE tax headache to deal with as they’d need to deal with things like VATMOSS for each donator, as opposed to us collecting tax on donation and the indiesubsy person only paying one income tax.

Obviously set it up so that the user can still opt in to doing that, no bother there. Business types might be able to do some fancy Tory income stuff with that idk.

I promise if indiesubs goes ahead now that money would flow through an entity under my control that a) it’s not tied to my personal finances lol b) there’s an accountant involved


Ooo so I fell asleep at some point with Devin Nash’s stream going. Woke up to pee and he was discussing NFTs

I need to dig into them more but they sound like they could work as a way of storing the profit share tokens. TBC.

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