March 2, 2021. Tuesday.

I woke up feeling half dead today.


My mind was just pure foggy this morning, like having the flu but without the other symptoms. If you are just shutting down brain let me know mate, I’ve got a few things I want doing while I can still think.

I desperately need out of the 9 to 5. I am not built for this. I wish I knew what I was built for.

I felt so guilty about saying I was taking the day off but as the response was something to do with a client I can safely say I’ve unplugged the build-a-fuck machine haha. Am gonna be solidifying a few boundaries I think. Nobody likes a pushover unless they’re in the act of pushing them over. Gimme my time off lmao, all of it.


Oh aye, did a thing yesterday.


Alright fuck this mood. I’ve had enough feeling depressy sick. Back up and about tomorrow. Indulge for now but it needs turning around man.


Rgds time off I’m not going to be a dick about it really but I do need to be more firm. I’ve taught people my boundaries are flexible. Which they are, but I was more thinking if everything is offline and the business is dissolving.. not someone wanting a list of DNS records anyone else can provide lmao

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