February 25, 2021. Thursday.

I managed to fill out a form and ride a bike today.

No not at the same time, you absolute joker. Gosh. What are you like?


Oh man. I rode a bike to the docs and back to grab the forms I need to fill out for the ADHD referral earlier. Turns out I tried this back in 2017.. I’ll hand them back in this time..

Can I just tell you my arse cheeks are absolutely battered. Bike seats are still like that, eh. Got damn. Feels like I’ve been punched directly in the ass.

My legs turned to jelly almost instantly haha, I definitely need to do that more often. Used to have thighs of steel walking/biking 6 miles a day!

Filled out my initial assessment forms, easy enough! I’ll bike back into town again tomorrow and get it handed in to get this party investigated.


I am feeling a bit more awake today actually. Maybe exercise is good for you.


Oh hey I just found a way to pay people who contribute to the profit share thing.




ngl I have bruised both sides of my ass haha.

Need to work on those glutes I’ve gone a bit Hank Hill recently with the weight loss.


testing a thing

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