February 24, 2021. Wednesday.

I put a book onto all of my sound pads. It sounded like the inside of my mind. If you turn the volume down you’re cheating.


Hahaha this is what it feels like. Obviously not the actual tunes but lets say eastenders is a meltdown, working bitch is me trying to work. And then just general.. stuff.

Honestly listening to that is relaxing. At least it drowns everything out.


.. alright I’m getting back to work.


Been chugging coffee all morning. Every distraction = more coffee. It’s going well, I’ve blasted like 6 tasks that have been waiting on me in the space of an hour or two..

I’m also taking immodium because.. lots of coffee. Sorry, TMI.


Got all but one of the tasks I wanted done before 2pm and then massively crashed out of the coffee around 3. I couldn’t have any more else I’d have made myself sick.

Dipped into a bit of hanger while I was cooking just spaghetti. Pulled up before self destructing and asked my boss for an advance on pay.

.. hopefully he does it before everywhere closes. I’m already out of sensible shop and into takeaway zone.

12:27 the next day

I swear i followed this up but i cant find which device i wrote it on to commit it haha. he did and my belly was full!

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