February 23, 2021. Tuesday.

I havent really got a teaser for this one so don’t bother reading it.


Eyyy. Doctor’s gonna give me a call on Thursday to get the process of checking for ADHD started.

This is my GP so I’ll need a referral to someone who can diagnose it if it’s the answer but it’s progress. I’ll put a hold on the self medicating plans.p

I will also tell the doc sorry I didn’t mean to rush them on it, I was legitimately a payday away from testing things myself though it wasn’t a lie. I like to tinker and am impatient.. I’ll let the experts take it from here though promise!

I am also prepared for it to not be an easy answer and that. While I am totally psyched I’ve not really self diagnosed. I’m just saying if it is ADHD, then it explains a whole lot. Like 25 years of a lot.


Might watch Dexter again


Man I could go for one of those curried chicken baguettes from McGregors circa 2004 right now.


Pre-emptive panicgasm. I’m not trying to get into your special club or anything, I just want to be able to do things properly.

If its not ADHD I promise I’ll wander off and never use the acronym ever again


No wait I reserve the right to get a second opinion and then the things I said.


Hi I’m sitting here doing nothing. Finding out I might have ADHD feels like I just got my Hogwarts letter lmao. It would seriously explain so so so so so fucking much.


Imagine just pure sucking someone’s eyeball out of the socket.

like if they were attacking you or something I mean, not randomly

Stick that in the back pocket for future cheesy B-movie horror film ideas.

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