February 22, 2021. Monday.

Man, Mondays, am I right?


Another week, just like last week, just like the week before. I’m just a lazy shite who can’t keep up with the world.

Boris has announced we’re coming out of lockdown 3.. 4? I don’t really give half a fuck either way even my mates have stopped talking to me anyway haha. The only people I talk to are online and they’re anywhere I have internet.

Soon as this is over and I can afford it I’m off as far away as I can I reckon. If you’re gonna start fresh anyway might as well be a fresh place.

I keep eyeballing NYC but I’m definitely feeling a city vibe wherever it is.


Trying that thing where I opened all the windows to get some fartless air in. Hopefully that’ll perk me up.

I am eyeballing a big move, depression or not. Stafford is a pretty dead town.

Speaking of which if anyone wants to buy stafforduk.com off me do make an offer.

For legal purposes I gotta mention I am still using it for email, fuck off calling me a squatter haha.


The fresh air is helping.


Definitely not looking up ADHD meds or anything. I don’t know how you picture dark web sites but literally just picture Amazon if Amazon had cocaine all over it.

Reviews, ratings, customer support. It’s just standard ecommerce but anonymous haha.

I really think I’m nowhere near my potential. Lets say 1% of my potential, whats that like 3 mil a year?

Yeah I honestly reckon I could hit that within 10 years if I could just STAY FOCUSED, brain.

Even if it turns out I’m at 10% thats a 300k/yr living. That’s what, entry level Google in the US? haha.


Fuck I just realised I left a bowl soaking downstairs. One step at a time, at least I remembered it.


Speaking of doctors, if they ask for another asthma review because I ordered an inhaler I’m gonna start getting them off the darkweb too.

Fuck this lmao I CANNOT BREATHE CUNTS CAN WE GET THE MEDICATION TO ME THEN ASK IF IM SMOKING. No, I’m not, by the way. For the 4th time in a row, I have not taken up smoking. Cold weather triggers it.

As it has done for 20 years.


oh fuck aye that bowl


In a complete flipperoo on earlier’s whinging I’ve heard “shorts” channels are able to explode right now on YouTube. This could be something to get in on.

Maybe do like a sorta Casey Neistat vlog but.. short. Begin, middle, end each one but have the vlog come in at less than 60 seconds.

This requires everything that’s not interesting to be cut out, it simply wouldn’t fit.

Like this diary but less complain, more snap crackle and pop!


Draft n that.

I’d do better audio and that on the day. Also no idea why my voice has gone all fucked, must have spoke to long to someone earlier.


Oi earlier me just be glad you got off your arse. Nice work me. You did a thing!


The bowl!


Sorry that was a joke, also I’m not moving to a city haha. I’m more likely better off just doing working holidays (going some place and living/working there for a week)


I tried a bullet journal earlier and while it was fun to learn let’s be real its not happening. Stick with cards and Todoist man.

I am going to get back on the Toggl to track time though. I want to see how long I take to do things vs how long I thought it was going to take so I can better estimate in future.


The cable management inside Borg ships is abysmal by the way.

Fancy an email update instead of having to pop back here every time?

Heya! I’m Cohan and I make websites. I also administer Linux servers and do other nerdy good stuff like that.
My real love is writing though, this here’s my outlet for that.
A picture of me.