February 13, 2021. Saturday.

Unlucky for some


I know, I missed one. I never even promised myself this would be a daily thing.

I do this thing where I’ll rebel against myself sometimes. That usually means a streak will in turn cause a failure.

You didn’t miss out on anything yesterday, essentially I was moaning about how I’ve worked every day of my week off. That was it. It was boring.

I pre-forgive myself for missing days, so that I come back to it after missing days.


I have worked 6 of my 5 days off so far, to be fair.

I wasn’t wrong to moan, it was just a bit of a bland moan. Not a joke or quip in sight, get it deleted.


I still struggle answering “what have you been up to” because I think people don’t care. As I typed that even my mind loaded up a “not much how about you”

What I’ve been upto is:

I’ve been trying to set up a YouTube channel. I know right I’ve done that before but this time it’s for keeps.

The niche I’m going for are the wheelspinners. The people who are like me. Quite capable if we are into it but witnout a clear target to aim at.

One of my problems (read: excuses) is that I don’t know where to start. Ok cool so video one is “how do you even pick the right idea” sort of thing.

Later the plan is to address missing skillsets. I’m way out of my depth with marketing and sales. So I’m going to do marketing and sales.

I’ll figure it out live and recorded (on Twitch) then cut down into consumable biscuits for YouTube.

Here’s where the fun part for the audience comes in. Let’s say someone who is good at marketing and/or sales pops by. We can speed up my learning, and by extension teaching, by jumping on a call with that person.

To start I’ll have to give them an IOU because I’m broke lmao but yeah the intention is to pay anyone that helps me help the wheelspinners.

That’s a goal, not the start. If you want to make money I’d wait till like 2025 and then help me with something I haven’t learned yet haha.


Man I gotta be honest I’m a sucker for lovey dovey crap. I hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day tomorrow whether in a relationship or just having a handsome.

Shoutouts to the people that just realised it’s February too.

Yes I stole my own tweet to pad out the blog with that dynamite handsome joke. Came up with it while writing the tweet. Very proud. Well done me. Bellend.


When you’re going to sit on the loo but you’re off to the side a bit so you have to upside down shimmy your ass in line like a Roomba docking it’s base station.


“But what if I”

Honestly, internet, come on. I love you but use your fucking brain. If it doesn’t apply to you then it doesn’t apply to you. Not everything is about you. Please go find a good off to fuck while the people it does apply to have a natter.

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