February 9, 2021. Tuesday.

you need to put placeholders in else it comes up as a massive email subject mate


I should have tried harder to tip that one time. I used my card and their till didn’t have an option to add a tip.

Should have got the t.. dude. Interjecting a sec. This happened like 5 years ago. You gonna creepily track someone down from 5 years ago to give them a tip or something? Get this worry out of here.

Cobweb-ass insecurities following me around.


The worst part about aging so far is the hair in the ears. I do not need hair in my ears, body. Can we not?

Actually its not. The worst part is that hair covered in earwax after you’ve been wearing headphones for a bit. Just a weird bit of waxy hair. Gross.


Day two of my week off work and I’m again working.

Once again, it is nice to be wanted..


I also realise my plan for the day looks like I’m inspecting body parts and seeing how hairy they are.

I’m not writing about what I’m doing else I get the satisfaction from describing it and stop doing it haha. I will let you know in due course, diary. xoxo


Lucid dreaming. Always a fair bit of hype behind it when it comes up but..

You know you can just do that while you’re awake? It’s called your imagination haha. I think people vastly overrate it.


Today brought to you by

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Actually cant believe I had to “have you tried turning it off and on again” an IT tech this morning.


Saw my mum (yes distanced, fuck off) and got Christmas presents haha

I also made spag bol but the bol is so bland I might as well have not bothered and just served the spag in its own water.

In fairness it did turn out to be a ready-to-heat tub of bolognaise – as in it came with its own beef – so when I dumped it into my already browning mince it just diluted it to death.

I made 3 meals worth of bol tho.. Just gonna dump a load of spices into it while I warm it up. Ah well, can’t win them all.


Am writing off the day, can’t be fucked.

Might get a second wind in a bit but man, let me have some time to chill, me. jeez.

I will definitely regret doing nothing at all the entire week. Don’t let me take tomorrow off


In this exact moment I am content with life. Things are going alright.


I should let myself relax more instead of relax anyway then feel guilty about it later. This is great.


Something I realised 8 seconds and counting ago. I don’t think I’ve ever been pushed in any direction haha.

Like nobody’s ever said I should be a doctor, lawyer, whatever.

On the opposite side to that nobody’s ever said I’ll suck at something either haha.

Nothing but a fart on the breeze


A tweet just resonated with me a bit

Definitely guilty of doing this.

Going to try drawing it in a bit on the opinions comprised solely of what one single person told me (unless that person is a scientist andor can provide hard non-anecdotal-forfuckssake data)

Fancy an email update instead of having to pop back here every time?

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My real love is writing though, this here’s my outlet for that.
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