February 8, 2021. Monday.

Of course I woke up 2 hours earlier than usual. I’m off work.


No responsibility or demands, just a week to work on whatever I want to work on.

Cue a blink and its Friday. Lets get something done dickhead.

Not right now though, a PG fantasy of mine is to be able to read in bed before getting up. As I’m up early I’m chucking an hour in :)

I’m reading Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk if you fancy knowing. It came recommended by a few people independently so it’s gotta be worth a go :)


That didn’t last long. So far I’ve just had a normal day at work except in boxers lmao.

It’s nice to be wanted.


Alright I’m bored now work isn’t talking to me. Best get on with something.


Y’know it doesn’t matter if I never directly make something of huge value. As long as something I do causes someone else to do something of value I’m counting it as an assist.


Man. I am too old for Tiktok.

Instagram’s probably out too for the most part. Same reasoning. They’re for younger and/or more enthusiastic people haha.

Gonna stick with the YouTube and that :)

Fancy an email update instead of having to pop back here every time?

Heya! I’m Cohan and I make websites. I also administer Linux servers and do other nerdy good stuff like that.
My real love is writing though, this here’s my outlet for that.
A picture of me.