February 5, 2021. Friday.

Bit of ancient Greece early today.


What up y’all waking up for 04:20 haaaaaa. Naw I’m just still awake.

Isn’t it weird how the further back you go the less oomph something has.

For instance if you roasted a pal and they killed themselves you’d understandably be sad but you’d also have to realise that’s a bit of an overreaction.

If it happens in ancient Greece? Classic banter. This lad’s out there insulting people to death.

Hipponax sought to marry Bupalus's daughter but was rejected because of his physical ugliness, and Bupalus portrayed him as ugly in order to provoke laughter. According to the same scholiast, Hipponax retaliated in verse so savagely that Bupalus hanged himself

“You lot seen Steve recently?”

Wha? Have you not heard pal? Fuckin Hipponax was over and you know what he’s like when he’s had a few.

A drawing of Hipponax from Wikipedia. Start with what you picture a caveman to look like and completely shave him. Cross that with a sadclown.



Pink is like the visual equivalent of brushing your fingers over a peach.

Whats that? Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just wondering how I’d describe colours to someone who can’t see.

It is super hard to describe colours without referencing other colours!


I wonder if you could word associate it out of someone. Flash up squares of colour and ask them to say whatever pops into mind. Of course go with the second thing that pops into their mind if they just blurt out the name of the colour.

Do that a few thousand times then see if the top 5-10 words feel like they represent the colour.

Someone get science on the phone!


Gonna go for a power nap. Will probs wake up on the line so see u at lunch xx


I’m a bit burned out today. Speaking to bubbly people after a year of mostly speaking to myself has proper ruined my batteries. It’s not even 11am and I feel like I’m done energy wise.


I say that as if I wasn’t literally in this post awake till 5am then woke up at 9.. ok the bubbly thing might be a lack of sleep thing.

Next person that implies sleep is easily obtainable or something I decide not to do is getting a slap though haha. I’m not sitting there twiddling my thumbs like “this is great. I love lying here in the dark not sleeping”


Fuck me I don’t miss working with jobsworths.


It’s not insomnia by the way - I can sleep - it’s my body clock is blinking zero hasn’t got a clue what it’s doing. I worked it out once, my natural days would be around 36 hours long including sleep time. It was 36 or 32, either way.

Look at me I’m so quirky and interesting and tired.


How come an AI needs to be able to create and make art to be deemed sentient?

Most humans don’t pass that test. Nothing wrong with it, just seems unfair for a thing to have to be better than our best before we think about rights and morality.

Animals too for that matter, now I think about it.


Imagine you killed yourself just before something big happened. I dunno maybe NASA announces they’ve been in talks with aliens. Like imagine being the dumbass to miss that.

Anyway its that sort of thought that keeps me around on the bad days if that helps. Also citalopram.

Be weird if I ever did off myself now anyway knowing the last thing I publish is some guff about what I had for breakfast

That post would need to be perfect. Let you spend 4 years failing to write that one, me.


The dislike of mumble rap the internet has is an acceptance of rap. I remember vanilla rap was grumbled about this much haha. Fuckin nerds.


The capital’s population is estimated to have tumbled by almost a tenth during the pandemic, with huge consequences for its economy.

The one time you could have used “decimated” in an actually literally factual way and you blew it.


Aaaand that’s lunch. Three messages on reddit.. what have I said now.

Ok it’s just replies to random dumbass shit not people being mad at me. Everything’s coming up Millhouse!


I gotta be honest even though it’s stressful as heck for me, the client, everyone involved when a site is acting wonky.. it never acted wonky on my servers. Get rekt managed hosting.

Ok back to fixing it (I was waiting for a backup to download, not just taking time away from something broken to write my diary haha)


Me again. It’s uploading this time.

I had a spark of give a fuck earlier. That was different. It probably came across as angry because the voice was raised but man.. I actually cared!

I feel I need to disclaim that each time haha, whenever I say I don’t care I mean I don’t care beyond what is a requirement for the job. I care about doing a good job, about respecting user privacy, etc, etc. I just wouldn’t have the drive to do it if it was for free.

That’s what I mean by care – care about the task for the sake of the task, rather than just something that needs doing.


Fart noises. Almost done. Then a week off.


I got some bonbons right. I just realised they taste like how paint smells. Actually delicious. Not sarcasm.



Does anyone still have a penpal? Remember them? I sometimes wonder what my penpal from school is up to but if I investigate and find out they’ve died or something then I’ve killed the active memory I have of them. I don’t really care that much it was only like 8 letters haha. Hope they’re doing well tho unantisubirregardless.


Oooh. I was researching Patreon and competitors and didn’t realise LiberaPay was set up as a sort of open-run as well as open-source thing. That’s cool.

I wonder if something like that might work for Profit Share? One of my concerns is the bus factor being 1, but also I don’t want to introduce a 2nd-tier of ‘official staff’ outside of regular contributors.

Fancy an email update instead of having to pop back here every time?

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My real love is writing though, this here’s my outlet for that.
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