February 4, 2021. Thursday.

i forgot to put a teaser on this one


Showering at night was a decent shout. I should have probably gone directly to bed after but I was farting around for a bit.

I didnt so much fall asleep any faster but not having the shower in the morning meant I could get started on the day faster today which was easier going.

I’ll see how it goes longer term.


lol I had the wrong day on the publish date, this was updating live today. Shame nothing happened :D


Happened to notice I’d deleted my pagerule that tells Cloudflare to just go ham caching everything for this site. Re-added. Site should be even faster now haha. Also you wont see the forbidden message while new changes deploy anymore :)


Is it not possible to resize images in iOS Photos app? Dammit Apple.


Do people actually know what communism is or do they just hate it because they’ve been told it’s the other guy? Honest question, not trying to prod. Is it fundamentally a bad thing, is it because everywhere it’s been tried has been corrupt, is it just a boogeyman for Americans?


My nose just made this noise for a second


Still working. Mind giving up. I’ve just tried inspecting an image to see why it’s not loading. It did load. It is an image of a blank tile. Like a bathroom tile.


Tapping out. It’s as good as it can be today. I’m done.


Had an idea.

Grab a blank canvas and add the logo (or most significant pictogram) for each project I make as it’s released. Hang it right where I can see it behind the desk.

Maybe. I know nothing of canvases. Can you even keep adding to a painting like that?

Can I even paint anything that would resemble a logo..?

Will there ever be a logo needed?

Get it done dickhead.


Bollocks I forgot to do an evening shower.. well I’m already in bed now so I guess thats the end of that experiment.

Having said that way to be in bed, me. Good job.


Unpopular opinion: The Simpsons is still great mindless entertainment.

Also the Big Bang theory was funny. I never once turned off Mrs Browns Boys.

Just getting all the internet hate done in one haha

Ooh while we’re at it I’ve never once watched a Star Wars film all the way through. Or LOTR. Never had the nostalgia and once you’ve heard all the spoilers out of context it’s honestly yawn central.

Voyager is the best Star Trek by the way. Just to make sure all scifi groups hate me haha. It is true tho.

BSG is too slow of a burn for me. As is ST:DS9.

I don’t care if Die Hard is a Christmas movie or not, I don’t think I’ve ever watched it through.


Feel like I’m outing myself as not really a nerd here haha. I spent the majority of the day making a website load fast if that keeps my card valid? Logged into the Linux server using SSH and everything.

Had to explain how caching works. Caching!


I should have had the evening shower. I smell like a rubber mallet.

No it’s because I’m still awake.

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