February 3, 2021. Wednesday.

I had a Maccies breakfast today.


I knew I was rebelling against myself when I ordered it. I’m still in the greasy glow so no regrets. Limited myself to a greaseburger mcmuffin and hash brown.

It proper hit the spot though. Not going to make a habit of it but man I needed something a bit naughty today.

Had a lovely natter while waiting for the ubereats fella too. Learned a bit about making sourdough bread! Also the appliance I couldn’t figure out is a steamer - like the equivalent to those stackable pots you put on the oven hob but it’s built into the wall!

I honestly love this place.


I have an underlying assumption that being a manager is an overpaid easy job, right.

If that’s true brain why are we, as the laziest person we know, not in a management position easy days job right now?

“I want to be doing the real work” no you don’t? You’d literally be happy being paid to do nothing. Bullshit.

The fact you can’t just walk into a management role means there’s a required skillset you don’t have.

Adjusting assumptions.


I was trying out Ticktick for a bit as Todoist still has no start dates, am going back to Todoist. Ticktick is a decent app no doubt, a strong choice for sure. I just need to be able to write automations and I’m all in on Integromat for automating things at the moment and there’s no Ticktick connector yet.

If you haven’t got a clue what I just said there I’m talking about todo list software haha. If I don’t write my tasks down somewhere they don’t get done.

Systemist for life, yo.


Random thought: The part of me thats still a dickhead (smothering, bear with) lashes out whenever I

  • Am jealous of someone’s success
  • Am reminded of a negative quality I have

I’ll work on that thought further later.


I’ve seen this orange on pornhub I’m sure.


Got Bezos waffling away in the background. Honestly not a bad listen.


That realisation of not being ready to do live is bullshit. This is that wall the ADHD video was on about.

I am going to do that YouTube thing too though. Nothing off the table.


Eurrrrghhh. Your face is all a living jelly shmeared on top of a spooky skeleton.


Ooh I think I just found the jigsaw piece that might make the profit share thing work smoothly..

Like if I don’t get distracted by a shiny pen I’m talking all the “disruption” and move fast breaking things etc. Watch this space too. Rich people, open your checkbooks please.


Oh aye I didn’t get shot of that book, I’ll give it a more positive go at the weekend.


I’ll need cash to get that thing started so I reckon if I make indiesubs in the meantime that could kickstart things.

Watch out Patreon, if I ever get off this sofa I’m taking your customers next time you fuckup, haha.

The idea is super simple. User subscribes directly to the content creator. No sub to sub-ee cash touches my account at all.

I instead charge a lil monthly fee for hosting costs and a little taste for myself y’know. Sorted. A freebie tier to help folks get started and then a flat rate no matter how much you earn.

Fuck me I’ve had indiesubs.com since 2017 haha. My spirit animal truly is the sloth.

Which do you think is better? Plural it to indiesubs or not and go with indiesub? If it helps I do have indysub.com on the typo but I do not have indysubs.com 🤷‍♂️


Chargebacks. People would use indiesubs right up until they get their first chargeback and don’t know how to fight it.. hm.

Alright maybe we run cash through us so we can do all the extra stuff. I guess just ask the person what they want to do.



Still reppin' Brad

I was in college w/ Fox doing Media when this came out if I’ve got my timeline right. I bought the CD to guilt free use a track off it to show off I understood copyright law (they gave written permission to use royalty free with the CD I think). Good times. 🥲

We never did actually film anything lmao. I mean we did but it was a video of the one mclovin kid flipping off the camera, reverse, again, reverse.

Waiting for the footage to play off the tape at 4x realtime into Premiere haha


Brain dump complete haha. I’ll let you know what I’m upto when I’ve made a start. If I tell people what I’m doing too early I instantly lose interest. It’s a brain defect I know, patience.


Ps I moved my shower time to evening because someone on the internet said it helps promote sleep. We shall see.

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