January 28, 2021. Thursday.

I will start writing about things I’m doing rather than my feelings and worries! Just a bit backlogged in the ol' vent-o-meter 😂


Fantastic day. Hyped for life.


Pay day, pay day, live like a king on pay day!

Kidding. February is a no spend month and then I’ll be climbing my way up. Outside of regular bills and groceries no spending at all.

Dumbass. Get your money in order! Working on it, me, be nice.


Back when everyone was going remote for covid I thought this was the big change. Big Business will get on board with remote working when they realise how much they save on rent etc.

The reality will just be that everywhere is back to office work after this but with the notable change that you are now expected to work from home when you’re sick. Calling it.

Middle managers gonna middle manage.


Man, what was past me doing with those takeaways. A big takeaway could instead be bacon sandwiches for every meal for a month.

Also I know, I know. Bacon. I’ll do the vegan (probs just vegetarian if I’m honest) thing again just.. excuses and weakness right now.

How do you cook yours by the way if you’re eating it, do you shallow fry it in a pan or under the grill?


Man remember that show Sugar Rush?

Spotify just popped that theme tune on

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