January 26, 2021. Tuesday.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst


Now I was under the impression I’d come up with that phrase but I’ve just seen someone else say it in a place I haven’t influenced in any way.

Wonder who I’ve pinched that from then.


Song of the day:

I’ll be honest this entire playlist:


Do I really want to drink all this coffee or am I going downstairs every 5 minutes in the hopes to bump into someone to talk to? Who am I trying to convince here?

My friend circle grew up just after texting and MSN became a thing so I never have anyone to actually talk to. Like with voice. Maybe video. Stupid covid. At least theres a vaccine now though, shout out to science!

I honestly miss crowds. I’d love to just stand right slap in the middle of an opening tube door right now. Hear a stream of tuts in stereo go past.

Or just like, music festival or whatever idk


Went for another coffee. Felt taller this time.

Is this happy?


I’d probably still be engaged if I’d just done the dishes now and then hahaha. That took what, 8 minutes? 😂

(No, that wasn’t why we broke up. That’s one of them yoke things. It wouldn’t have hurt me doing the dishes mind you)


How do I point how great of a person I am for not being the white guy that responds to a woman making a tech joke on Twitter?

Props to the contact form, please. No flowers.

Back to work anyway cya l8r


Booked a week off in Feb. I want to get hosted.fm built. Which week tbc but probably the second.

Looking for

  • How fast can I create if I am fully focused?
  • What did we need to know in hindsight so that future projects can be done quicker?

Should be fun.


Really creeps me out when nerds write love letters or break up letters or whatever but this review of an app is a bit much


I finally make a go of it. I cheated on Things. I wanted to really stay in a relationship with Things, being that I left OmniFocus for her back 2 years ago. I purchase and have been using Sorted 3 for the past couple of weeks. First thing I noticed is it just makes sense. I find myself using it more for the practicality, versus the physical attraction I had with my prior relationship. Anywho, I like being able to stay on top of task and move them around so easily with the “magic select” feature. Kind of addicting. Makes you want to set up the following day, the night before. Not fluffing your pillows here.

The reason why I chose Sorted to be my new mate, is because I believe in her. Lets get the UI up a notch, and bring us into the new cool digital vibe. Don’t be offended by this, because I know you guys have put some serious hours in, but feels a little like the kitchen needs an update is all. Smooth rounded edges etc. And I beg you to make an active email integration a priority. Something missing in most, and its a bit puzzling. Who knows maybe the email client is the one that crumbles that Jenga tower, but there has to be a smoother add versus copy and paste.

Appreciate you guys, and the early courtship is promising, but keep me interested, please..

u alright mate?

Fancy an email update instead of having to pop back here every time?

Heya! I’m Cohan and I make websites. I also administer Linux servers and do other nerdy good stuff like that.
My real love is writing though, this here’s my outlet for that.
A picture of me.