January 23, 2021. Saturday.

Universally hated (is a phrase that appears in this entry, relax)


I hate how nobody explains things anymore. For example Limmy posted on Twitter how he’s heard upward extracting fans are bad.

If you look in the comments there’s people on the verge of smug “oh yes in through the front out through the back that’s the way.”

WHY?! Why is that the way? One additional sentence to explain and differentiate you from the people that parrot and the people that understand. That’s all I ask!

Doesnt heat rise anyway? I mean theres already a pretty big grill opening up top here, should I be airproofing the top of my case? Show your working! What am I missing?

I do understand in servers you want front to back but that’s because of the way they stack and datacentre hot and cold aisles. Why desktops?


Urgh reddit is Oops All Puns today. I guess I’ll get out of bed.


Loop loop loop the day, gently down the week, months and months and months go by soon we’ll all be dead 🎶


Out of bed and showered. The bare minimum for a successful day.


Lol all my emails today are bounced payments. Giant who cares, they’ll cancel themselves out this way. I’ve protected myself from being homeless and going hungry, just giant who cares on the rest. Minimalistic new me 2020 decade edition

I could proper shag a pizza right now though.


You’ll never go hungry if you’ve got rice and potatoes, I’ve got the Bisto in too so this mash is banging.


That moment where a bog roll falls off the bed and unravels all the way to the floor. You, instinctively, grab the end still on the bed and pull. You see the bog roll shoot off, unspooling its guts all over your patience.

I’d like to tell you I delicately rolled it back onto the reel but I just tore it off and binned it. Sorry nature.

Should have stuck the one end in the bog and flushed, have it slurp it up like shit ticket spaghetti


In a positive realisation at least I’ve not turned to booze during any of this. It’d be so easy to as well, the booze shop is basically next door


Stubbed my toe, forgot to be in a down mood for a moment. Fuck me its a throbber.

I’ll perk up on payday by the way. Currently being bombarded Harry Potter style by letters from my legacy bank. Every time a payment bounces they send a new letter haha.


I’m watching this and giggling my ass off now. We bounced back!


Got damn I could snort a block of cheese right now.

Also Pringles. Just plain flavour ones. The other flavours are a bit too exciting for life right now.

00:24 cba making a new entry atm

Imagine finding out you were just like universally hated. People like “oh god he’s here again” while you’re just minding your own business doing your Tesco shop.


Java broke up with me.

Fancy an email update instead of having to pop back here every time?

Heya! I’m Cohan and I make websites. I also administer Linux servers and do other nerdy good stuff like that.
My real love is writing though, this here’s my outlet for that.
A picture of me.