January 18, 2021. Monday.

Learned a new thing today. Nothing particularly interesting, but new.


I do love a good learn. Learned via work colleagues that you can inspect elements in mobile safari if you connect to a Mac and enable dev tools on both ends. Neat.

“omg how do you not know blah blah” shut up, I’m usually on backend work haha.

I was having trouble figuring out what bit of a WordPress plugin was outputting to a page so I could change it and knew there had to be a quicker way than trial and error. Usually I’d just search for a notable class name or something but being as iPhones don’t have a right click menu I got stumped there. Long story short aye enable dev tools in both settingses and plug it in via a cable. Bish bosh bash. Sorted.


Quickly whipped up another go at my profit share description. I definitely need to hit that go live button soon, this is getting sad haha.

As I was writing this: Monzo pal. I know. I’m broke. You don’t have to tell me a direct debit is gonna bounce every day until I get paid. You are literally my bank, you can see that I’ve still got no money. If I could just “add some funds to make sure the payment goes through” as you say, I’d have done so by now.

In positive money news I should be net positive this month. Still a few bills need backdating but overall I might be able to put a quid or two into savings this month. Probably wont, but I at least should break even haha.

Hey me, can I give you some savings advice? NO. TAKEAWAYS. Idiot.

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